• Viviane Maghela

    Viviane Maghela

    I an Arts and Culture Entrepreneur. Independent Art Curator, Advisor and Director. Currently the Artistic Director of Douala Art Fair www.doualaartfair.com

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  • Zoe Mukendi

    Zoe Mukendi

  • Thalia Nixia

    Thalia Nixia

  • Dontae Robison

    Dontae Robison

  • Chris Parent

    Chris Parent

    American IP attorney and writer living in Switzerland. Points in Case. www.chrisparent.net. Viewpoints are my own.

  • Ayesha Mirza

    Ayesha Mirza

    Trying to live my best life amidst a pandemic

  • Siji Deleawe

    Siji Deleawe

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